Life on Tour With Rahil Gangjee

Rahil Gangjee with Caddy Raghu (left) during a tournament week on the Japan Golf Tour

It was love at first sight for Rahil Gangjee as he played his first practice round at the Sagamihara Golf Club ahead of the Asian Diamond Cup this week on the Japan Golf Tour. Whether all that he experienced during the nine holes of practice on Monday translates into a strong finish will be known later on but the tree-lined and straight fairways found favour. The greens are expected to get firmer and faster as Thursday approaches but our man is “ready for it”.

It was a pity we could not catch Rahil at practice once again due to poor connectivity at the golf club, but he gave us glimpses of various stakeholders setting up camp in the parking lot for the week.

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We were also allowed a peek into some other aspects of life on tour. Among them was striking friendships. All by himself in Japan save for caddie Raghu, Rahil in his four seasons here has bonded with Shaun Norris, Scott Vincent and Angelo Que among others. Coming from diverse cultures means little as boundaries melt and what we have is a band of brothers ready to stick the neck out for each other.

This and lots more in our chat with Rahil, happy watching….

Photo credit: Rahil Gangjee