Ticking boxes along the way, Lakhmehar excited by prospects

Lakhmehar Pardesi grew up learning golf at the Chandigarh Golf Club. Photo: golfpass.com

Lakhmehar Pardesi has ticked quite a few boxes on her way to the pro ranks of the Women’s Golf Association of India, and all of them rank as personal milestones.

Taking to golf at 14, it was at first a hobby during the summer vacations, but gradually came to coexist with academics.

“It was quite a journey and my parents and teachers led me through it. I would practice before school and till sunset after coming back. It taught me patience and determination,” she says.

It was a crossroad when a choice had to made between a career in medicine and playing a sport that “given me independence and an immense sense of belief”. Lakhmehar chose golf or as she puts it, “golf chose me”.

The decision has been vindicated as following wins at the club level and IGU circuit, she won the Jeev Milkha Championship and the chance to represent the country at the US Teen Championship.

She has had her share of tests, as an amateur “I felt I could not perform to potential, but my parents never stopped believing in me”.

The decision to turn pro just before Lockdown 1 was fulltime commitment to the sport with the belief that “the biggest assets are my long game and visualisation of putts”.

Finishing top 10 and 13th in two starts before Lockdown 1, and some more strong results since then, Lakhmehar is excited over what lies in store.

Photo credit: Lakhmehar Pardesi