Ground Zero with Arjun Prasad


Arjun Prasad, a rising star on the Professional Golf Tour of India, is much better equipped to cope with lockdown this time. That’s what adversity teaches you. One week into the similar phase last year, Arjun realised it would be a long while before he could access a golf course for practice. Innovation kicked in and he converted the dining table into a hitting net, albeit with some protection in the form of blankets. The process took shape under the supervision of his mother, who warned that practice would have to stop if there was breakage in the living room.

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Arjun has managed to evade action till now, and has gone a step ahead this time and created a facility for fitness on the terrace. Under the watchful eyes of fellow pro and fitness expert Samarth Dwivedi, Arjun is often left gasping for breath during online sessions. Thegolfinghub caught up with Arjun and in between hitting balls, he touched upon a range of topics. They ranged from a career high at the Tour Championship at Jamshedpur in December, life on Tour, and striking a lifetime friendship with fellow pro Aman Raj.

On a personal note, Arjun has acquired some expertise in cooking, is learning to go beyond playing ‘Happy Birthday’ on the guitar and spending quality time with the family and catching up on the latest releases on Netflix.

Photo credit: Arjun Prasad

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