Expanding bandwidth and a career changing meeting for Vani Kapoor


Vani Kapoor has played professional golf long enough to feel the need to expand her bandwidth. Coaching it will be as Vani Kapoor strikes a balance between “helping people improve their game” and adding to her 28 wins.

But she is emphatic, giving tips to receptive juniors and amateurs will in no way hamper her performance on the golf course, examples of which are the whopping 16-shot win in 2018 for a record @wgaofindia and the order of merit titles between 2014 and 2016.

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Success has not come easy and has been instilled by years of unfaltering focus “on my growth as a pro golfer” and is considered a standout factor. As a result, “I don’t socialize much and stick with my parents and close friends on tour, and for this I have also been mistaken for possessing attitude.” Vani feels she can live with the tag of a lone ranger as solid work ethics is what gives her confidence.

There are miles to cover, and in the endeavour to get better meeting @laurencebrotheridge in 2019 is looked upon as a catalyst. “The amount of belief and confidence he showed in me has changed my game. I have never been in such a good place mentally and that’s precisely what one needs as a professional golfer,” says Vani, raring for action once tournaments resume.

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