Dash of history to Yuvraj Sandhu’s ascent in Hyderabad


There is another side to Yuvraj Singh Sandhu’s ascent at the Golconda Masters and pertains to his love for things of yore. “I have always been driven by history,” is the explanation. Not just the Hyderabad biryani and its recipe handed down generations, but also the mighty Golconda Fort and its ramparts that tell a thousand tales despite falling silent centuries back.

Barring this time, the event has been synonymous with February, his birth month, and couple it with the decent result over the years, Hyderabad holds a special place in the young pro’s calendar. Last year, Yuvraj took time out to explore the imposing citadel near the Hyderabad Golf Club, and the gigantic cannons on the ramparts were of special interest.

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Tied second going into the final day at 15-under 191, five shots off the lead, the pumped-up show has been the result of a packed calendar from now to December on theHope  Professional Golf Tour of India and the thrill of teeing off here after Lockdown 2.

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On the work front, balancing on-course work and fitness under Lavish Chaudhary since the gyms reopened in July is a novelty and the benefits are on view. “I have always been a person out on the golf course with little time spent in the gym,” said Yuvraj. Now, the two aspects have balanced out, and the “change is for a better me”.

The steady climb up the leaderboard is a case in point of the focus on functional fitness. The other benefit is the ability to step on the gas after a slow start to Saturday. Till the 7th hole, Yuvraj was level par, a birdie and bogey cancelling each other, but stepped on the pedal thereafter. Better mobility and the ability to push himself off the tee gave plenty of birdie opportunities.

From the 8th to 16th, Yuvraj picked up five shots, and that was responsible for the 5-under 62 on a day when the golf course was further shortened to par-67. The short layout and undulating topography have always pleased the eye and brought the best out of his wedge play.

Photo credit: Yuvraj Singh Sandhu

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