An athlete’s guide to make the best out of pandemic-enforced lockdowns!

How pandemic has brought sportsman into fear
The Covid-19 pandemic has brought sports like a walk with second time less then a year with professional player staying at home with fearful .

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought sport, like all walks of life, to a grinding halt for the second time in less than a year. Professional athletes confined to their homes are fearful of lose out on the respective goals. Experts, however, opine that it’s time to focus on the positives and make the best out of this phase.

“The pandemic is a blessing in disguise for the athletes to rediscover themselves,” says Ramji Srinivasan, former strength and conditioning coach of the Indian cricket team, while also warning that “professionals without right knowledge would do more harm than the pandemic itself”.

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Srinivasan shared screen space with eminent sport nutritionist Ms Aradhana Sharma and cognitive scientist Dr Rachna Sharma during a webinar – Wellness in Covid Times – hosted by thegolfinghub. “Nutrition and mental aspects more important than the physical aspect,” added Srinivasan.

The panellists addressed a host of issues being faced by sportspersons during the pandemic. Dr Rachna observed that this is the “best time to strengthen your mental side”, while Aradhana opined lockdowns can be best utilised by athletes for “managing weight and body composition”.

The half-an-hour chat shared below with these seasoned pros is an education worth several sessions on the wellness of professional athletes.

Aradhana, a leading sports nutritionist, is the founder of the wellness and health company Nutrigetic Wellness. She has been in the business of sports nutrition and fitness for more than two decades.

Dr Rachna is a Cognitive Scientist, has worked with over 10,000 brains (people) in a professional career spanning over ten years. She coaches elite clubs, top CEOs, athletes and beauty world on stress management, enhancing focus and playing more effectively.

Srinivasan is a seasoned pro in strength and conditioning, who is credited for fitness transformation in the Indian cricket team. He also specialises in high performance training. The who is who of competitive sports in India – ranging from Sachin Tendulkar to Virat Kohli in cricket, to leading names in motorsports, tennis, sailing, badminton, fencing, gymnastics, football, etc., have been working with him.

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