COVID-19: Sunil Chhetri offers an unprecedented help for people in need


Indian national football team captain has offered an unprecedented help to the people fighting with the rampaging Covid-19 blast. Celebrities are running charities to help the needy in these rare crises. Celebrities are also donating generously to charities to keep their good work going.

Chhetri has gone a step forwards to help amplify the voice of people in need of help in their battle against the infection. He has offered access to his certified Twitter handle to help spread the requests of the need fast.

India’s most successful football striker has shared a video titled “Together, now more than ever” on twitter handle, offering the help.

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“Our country is going through difficult times, the pain suffering loss all around us is depressing and tragic. Amidst all of this, there are so many of us who have come forward and helped each other, helped complete strangers,” Chhetri said in the message.

“Guys we all need to participate, no matter who you are, help in whichever way you can. Among all these people there are some real-life captains, who are doing some extraordinary work, phenomenal work,” he further said.

“You give me hope, you give me a lot of motivation and I want to join you, I want to give access to my Twitter accounts to a few of these captains. So their important information can be amplified and can reach as many as possible. Guys, I am in your team,” Chhetri added.

Chhetri himself had tested positive for Covid-19 on March 11, but has recovered fully now.

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