Aesha Mukherji confirms marriage with Shikhar Dhawan is over

Shikhar Dhawan and wife Aesha Mukherji during the happier times
Shikhar Dhawan and wife Aesha Mukherji during the happier times. Photo courtesy: Twitter

Shikhar Dhawan and wife Aesha Mukerji have agreed on a divorce settlement. The news was broke by Aesha via a social media post, in which she had also mentioned about herself being a two-time divorcee.

“Break-ups are normal and there are many reasons for it,” Aesha stated in a social media post. “It’s best to not judge the people rather accept it’s a normal part of change and growth,” she added.

The couple was married for almost 10 years and has a son together.

The 35-year-old Dhawan hasn’t confirmed the divorce yet. Aesha on the other hand expressed her sorrow with her followers on Instagram.

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“Funny how words can have such powerful meanings and associations. I experienced this firsthand as a divorcee. The first time I went through a divorce I was soooooooo f…@n scared. I felt like I had failed and I was doing something so wrong at that time.”

“I felt as if I had let everyone down and even felt selfish. I felt that I was letting my parents down, I felt that I was letting my children down and even to some extent I felt as if I was letting God down. Divorce was such a dirty word,” Aesha wrote.

The Aesha-Dhawan relationship had began after the duo had met on social media. They soon became friends and then Dhawan expressed his feelings to her. The duo after a brief courtship had tied the nuptial knot.

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