ICC announces expansion of women’s cricket; more teams for World Cups


This Women’s Day here comes a gift from International Cricket Council for women cricketers and their supporters.

A year after the resounding success of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020, the world governing body for the sport has announced the expansion of women’s cricket events post the 2023 cycle.

More teams will compete in both the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup and the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup from 2026 onwards as part of the ICC’s long-term commitment to growing the game globally and in a sustainable fashion.

For the 2020 Women’s World Cup, there will be two more teams and 17 more matches than the previous edition. Similarly, two more teams and ten more matches will added to the ICC T20 World Cup from 2026.

The revised formats will give more teams the chance to compete on the global stage and importantly provides Members with a window to grow the game domestically and to challenge internationally as the changes take place.

The revised structure will be as follows:

ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup

2025: 8 teams; 31 matches

2029: 10 teams, 48 matches

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup:

2024: 10 teams, 23 matches

2026: 12 teams, 33 matches

2028: 12 teams, 33 matches

2030: 12 teams, 33 matches

ICC Women’s T20 Champions Cup

2027: 6 teams, 16 match

2031: 6 teams, 16 match