Report reveals retention policy for IPL 2022 auction

Indian Premier League 2022 auction can see up to 200 players getting contracts from 10 franchisees.
Indian Premier League 2022 auction can see up to 200 players getting contracts from 10 franchisees.

A media report has put a full stop on all speculation about player retention policy for the Indian Premier League 2022 auction. Even Mahender Singh Dhoni was not aware of the details while he made customary speech after winning the IPL 2021 crown. A formal announcement is not expected before the declaration of the two new IPL teams, most likely on Monday in Dubai.

The ten franchisees, including two new comers, will be bidding to acquire players either in late December or early January.

Meanwhile, cricket news platform Cricbuzz has reported that the Board of Control for Cricket in India and the franchise owners have reportedly discussed the retention policy. A franchise can retain up to three Indian players and two overseas players with the overall count for retained players not crossing four.

A team is set to be allowed to keep up to three Indian and two foreign players with the total number of retentions not exceeding four. There may also be a cap on retaining uncapped players – a team will not be allowed more than two, states the report.

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“It is learnt that the player purse will be INR 90 crore, and in the subsequent two years, there will be an incremental hike and the purse will go up to INR 95 crore and INR 100 crore. If a franchisee chooses to retain four players, it will have to spend around 40-45 percent of its purse, leaving it ₹  36-40 crore lesser than the franchise that doesn’t opt to retain any player,” the report added.

The report further said that an official announcement on the retention rules will be done as soon as the two new franchises are finalised.

The next season of the Indian Premier League in all likelihood will feature 94 matches following the inclusion of two teams.

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