Rohit Sharma recalls financial challenges for pursuing his education goals


Mumbai, April 22. – Mumbai Indians’ and most successful captain in the history of Indian Premier League, Rohit Sharma will be seen on multiple social media platforms with new short videos on his education journey and Financepeer.

The Google incubated education fees financing company Financepeer has launched a nation-wide digital campaign featuring cricketer Rohit Sharma.

The “Hitman”, in the campaign, is seen recalling the old days when he would worry about huge education fees for his studies. “While I was growing up, for any form of learning or education, one had to think about the fees. But today, thanks to Financepeer you can pay the college, school or any type of education fees in easy monthly instalments, and get rewarded for it too,” says Sharma.

Sharma has posted a campaign video on his Instagram page.

The campaign, through a series of videos, will be creating awareness among parents and aspiring students on ease of paying education fees through collaborating with Financepeer.

“In the current fast paced and ever evolving world, it is imperative that students of today’s generation get not just quality education but also accessibility to the right education. I am happy to be a part of Financepeer, which aims to make the financial aspect of education simplified for students and parents alike,” adds Sharma.