Life can be cruel, but there are attempts to soften the blow


Aryaan Kumar was in the US not long back playing college golf with the dream of turning a professional.
Fate had something else in store. Aryaan was diagnosed with a cervical hernia and a call had to be taken, and fast. It was tough to walk away but that’s what Aryaan did after convincing himself that was best for well being.

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The dream of walking inside the ropes, a retinue following him to the 18th green, and the roar on the final putt rolling in to signal a win will not happen for Aryaan, but he got the closest he could.
The young man was on the bag for Shiv Kapur at Jeev Milkha Singh invitational 2021 and watched with a lump in the throat as Shiv prevailed in the playoff.

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