How a back injury shaped Tavleen Batra’s perspective towards life and golf


Growing up in Ambala, @tavleen_batra got the ideal environment for a solid grounding in golf – supportive parents and a coach and mentor in @grewal_jesse. What began as a hobby “turned into a serious commitment for life,” and early success in junior events across tours whetted Tavleen’s appetite for greater glories. Sure enough, they came through representing the country at the Sir Nick Faldo tournament and Annika Invitational @missionhillscc1.
“Those were exhilarating moments- being part of the Indian national squad was one of the highlights of my amateur years,” says Tavleen.

The signals kept coming that Tavleen was ready for the Big Leap — the transition to pro golf. “In 2014, I finished in the third place @wgaofindia event in Pahalgam after sharing the lead on Day 1 and won in the amateur category. The same year I had another top-5 finish in Srinagar. Competing with the pros and faring well boosted my confidence, and I couldn’t wait to turn pro.”

Tavleen Batra

The shift happened in 2017, but, in a cruel twist of fate, Tavleen incurred a back injury before her first tournament. “I was devastated when the doctor told me I couldn’t play for 6-7 months. That was a huge blow to my dreams, and the recovery tested my patience and faith.”

Picking up the pieces and herself, Tavleen got a coach’s certification from NGAI and “could fathom another passion brewing.” Nurturing her new-found love she moved to Kolkata in 2018 for a stint @protouchgolfacademy in Tollygunge Club. As time lapsed, “the pleasure of giving back to the game by helping others get better and enjoy the sport” has grown on Tavleen to the extent that she now “balances teaching and playing and live a life that I love.”

Golf in its many hues has made Tavleen “fall in love with the journey and the destination. The failures are a blessing in disguise as I continue to learn and grow”.

Photo credit: Tavleen Batra