Messi bids adieu to Camp Nou with teary eyes

Lionel Messi leaves FC Barcelona.
Lionel Messi unsuccessfully trying to hide his emotions as he addresses the media on his departure from FC Barcelona.

Leonel Messi has moved on from FC Barcelona with teary eyes. The star striker desperately wanted to stay with the club he had joined as a 17-year-old prodigy. But nothing worked and he was compelled to move on.

The tearful Messi left the club on Sunday after as an agreement could not be arrived at to extend his stay. He broke down in tears in his parting address to the media.

Messi was a free agent since July 1 at the end of his contract. He was expected to sign a fresh five-year deal with Barca ahead of the upcoming La Liga season.

“I thought it was all sorted, all agreed, then in the last moment, it was not possible due to La Liga issue. That is what happened. I cannot say about the club, Laporta says they cannot due to La Liga. I can only say I did everything possible to stay here,” said Messi in a press conference, which was attended by his teammates.

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“I offered to reduce my contract by 50 per cent and they asked for nothing else. The news of me asking 30% more is a lie. A lot of what people are saying are not true.”

Messi had tried to leave Barcelona in August 2020, making a formal request for an exit after a break down in his relationship with then president Josep Maria Bartomeu but successor Joan Laporta, who presided over the Argentine’s rise to greatness, convinced him to stay.

“This is the end with this club and now a new story will begin. Yes, it’s one of the most difficult moments for me. I don’t want to leave this club, it’s a club I love and this is a moment I didn’t expect.

“Last year I wanted to leave, this year I wanted to stay, that’s why I’m so sad,” said the 34-year-old.

Messi did not rule out his move to Paris Saint-Germain. I have nothing confirmed with anybody, I had a lot of interest and had a lot of calls when Barcelona made the announcement. But we are talking about a lot of things. But a move to PSG is a possibility,” he said.

“This is really difficult for me. After so many years, being here my entire life, I’m not ready for this … Today, I have to say goodbye to all of this. After 21 years, I am leaving with my wife, with my three little Catalan-Argentine kids, and I can’t … This is our home. I promised our children that [we’ll be back]. I’m really grateful for everything.

“I never imagined having to say goodbye because I never thought of it. But I never imagined it this way.”

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