RCB skipper Virat Kohli shares his success mantra

RCB skipper share his sucess with mantra
The one who learns progress

Jo Seekhta Hai Wahi Aage Badhta Hai (The one who learns progresses). This is the mantra Virat Kohli has shared in a commercial video. Kohli, who commands highest commercial value for a cricketer, Indian athlete or an Indian brand icon, has confessed that he learns as much from his success as he does from the failures.

A commercial video featuring Virat Kohli has been released by edtech platform Great Learning. Kohli, the Grand Learning brand icon, meditates on the importance of lifelong learning. The ad film is the third in the series of the multi-film campaign titled Power Ahead – Jo Seekhta Hai Wahi Aage Badhta Hai, the brand has reported.

The 30 second videos draw attention towards the significance of taking lessons from one’s victories and defeats alike. It also showcases how up skilling is a necessary step for students and professionals to power ahead in their careers. The campaign has been conceptualised by Sideways and directed by Cornerstone.

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The film opens with Kohli emphasising on the significance of lifelong learning, by sharing his personal journey of learning from victories, defeats, mistakes, right and wrong decisions, critics and fans in order to improve his performance on the field each day and in each match. He further adds that in order to succeed whether it is in cricket or in life, one must always have the willingness to learn new things.

Great Learning CMO Aparna Mahesh said, “Virat’s ethos of pursuing excellence is exactly what we follow at Great Learning while delivering our programs across domains to our learners. We believe his passion to stay at the top of his game will inspire our learners and audience to uplift their careers through mentored learning.”

Sideways co-founder Abhijit Avasthi, “Great Learning’s stance of ‘Jo seekhta hai, wahi aagey badhta hai’ is true of any sphere of life or career. Virat is an embodiment of this philosophy. And the results are there for all to see. We have seen a lot of traction ever since we launched this thought last August. We hope to continue and build on the momentum.”

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