Gursimar Badwal plays the balancing act with aplomb

A winner on the WGAI, Gursimar Badwal also wears the hat of a coach, and that had made her journey a lot more meaningful.

Life or golf, Gursimar Badwal maintains “Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting”.

So, when she won on the Women’s Golf Association of India at Pune in 2019, the win was doubly sweet.

“It was really special because I was going through a rough patch in my life and winning really helped me get through it and made me understand that I am meant to play golf and how important golf is for me,” she said.

The result added more perspective to an aspect that makes Gursimar unique on the women’s tour.

A coach since 2018, this is her way of giving back to the game that has offered not just a rich collection of trophies but plenty of memories to cherish.

By now adept at wearing two hats, Gursimar talks about this new phase that requires her to play a delicate balancing act.

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“I felt I needed to give more to the game than it has given me, so I decided to take up coaching and completed my Masters in coaching from Canada. The whole idea is I want to guide upcoming golfers and invest my learning so that they do not lack in what I did and help the game grow.

“Being a teacher and tour player has been a challenging job. This is what makes me different from other players on tour as I am not only trying to improve my game but also helping others rise at the same time.”

Pix credit: Gursimar Badwal

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